David challenges the group to go full “airplane mode” in the park, ingniting discomfort as everyone discovers how hard it is to just be themselves. Lucas returns to prove his pickup skills IRL but needs help from the person he admires most. Nikki becomes a philanthropist.

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Welcome back, Lucas

Phone free for half an hr #beingherebeingme

Just told I can only tweet once in the next 30min.

Freaking out. This is my tweet. WTF! RIP Nikki STBM WTF TTYL

Forum Post:
Say What You Mean

I'm at a park right now, tons of beautiful women walking by. This is a topic I wrote at length about last week, say what you mean. I just watched this young guy try to pick up a woman 10 years older than him, he stumbled over his words and kept saying things about the weather. Say what you mean guys, women dig it.

Saying what you mean is hard

No way you da man, you just did ^ lol

You talking about ladies? Just do it, you taught me that. “Just do it if you wanna just do her.”

Why is that in quotes, I never said that...

Grady took some liberties playa!! Do it do it nothing to it...

Ignore Grady. Even if you’re struggling know you’ll never be worse off than I was in 2012. You changed me dude. I was so shy and insecure and you taught me that it didn’t matter, to just put myself out there.

Thanks R. Why have I been giving advice I can’t even receive?

You also said last Christmas that sometimes it takes a lot of giving before you can learn to receive.

I said that? Damn

It was you or maybe it was Lao Tzu...


In addition to the pickup sites I read a lot of spiritual newsletters. And a few celebrity nudes-blogs.

You have to, like, say stuff

No phone?! No words?! No words.

How do you ask for a girl’s number?

Thanks, Lucas.

lol How do you dribble? Thanks, Michael Jordan.

How do you tell news like a badass? Thanks, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Anyone have any advice on avenging? Thanks, Liam Neeson.

I have to give to charity every

time I unconsciously check my phone. Here's how that makes me feel: youtu.be/PSKQ3ZNQ_O8

Spiritual leaders of our time HELP ME. Can’t

tweet for next hour. Advice? @Beyonce @gwynethpaltrow @oprah @alanis @nicholassparks

Platform of choice

@alanis... Nothing? Seriously?
I just made a donation of $25 to Doctors Without

Borders. Medical Aid where it is needed most. Donate Now! doctorswithoutborders.org

Nikki R. Lee just donated 25 dollars to

the American Heart Association! Make a difference too here: http://www.heart.org

I’m smiling! I’m smiling because I just donated

$25 to smiletrain.org! You can too!

Make wishes come true! I

donated $25 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It's that easy to make a dream come true, at wish.org

The art of the pickup

I gotta feel it

Not everyone at PIAS completed assignments today but

really inspired by this group’s growth

Ah! I need your number, @bethbradyyyy
@lucasthegr81 Just PM’d you
!!!! ... All but one of us finished assignments. Hey you ass

@michaelcoverton wanna give me some fashion help for my date?

@lucasthegr81 Yes! Thank you.

@DavidPoundsPIAS does it count?

@hashtagoverton Everything counts. :)
@DavidPoundsPIAS That’s inspiring.

But no ... like, does it really count?

@lucasthegr81 Yeah, it counts.