After a rocky first session, the group reconvenes to discover that pep talks are not part of the PIAS method. David gets aggressive and pushes each patient into emotional territory, but gets results he doesn’t expect. Kyra goes rogue to bring back a missing addict.

An episode of CU consists of multiple videos, images, and text posted by the characters. Watch and explore from top to bottom in the timeline below. Click any social icon to see the post in a character’s online profile.

Who wants to be somebody’s bitch?

A social media addict just handed over her phone!

Found her blog: #nsakilledtheprivacystar

Social media addict is having all her texts and

notifications read out loud w/o being able to respond #uncomfortable #shesnotlikingnotliking

If you see this face anywhere on insta untagged, 10% off my course for a tag. #tagdismug!

That’s empathy, guys

Ugg I’m next in class. I get nervous

speaking in front of people. Here’s my Xanax...

Beth is so stunning. It’s like looking at the actual Princess Zelda. The legend is real guys!

@DavidPoundsPIAS now working with the hott

girl who hasn’t dated in 2 yrs cuz of all the shallow boys. #thatscool #caniborrowyourfacethen?

Spilling heart out...

...Filming heart spill.

She loves electronics and not saying anything

I’m usually uncomfortable around

groups, and I always expect to be uncomfortable in group therapy, but today is surprisingly uncomfortable.

Thank you, and I agree

Just watched our therapist make a doc filmmaker

use her arms to show another girl HOW pretty she is. “Thisss much.” It’s thisss awkward.

Lucas, please come back.

Michael just said he feels bad about last week. And we’re all in agreement that ever since you left things have gotten weirder.

If he feels bad tell him to tweet it.

He said he would but it’s “off topic” and he can’t risk any unfollows.

Tell him that’s fine because I can’t risk any assholes

He actually laughed at that. Come back!!!

Fashion World: Winter’s new look is “crazy.”

Feel like a fake. As a man. And

even in a group for recovering fakes, I feel like a fake.

You’re not a fake!

^ what he said dummie!

your pickup advice is REAL. even if u feel fake, its worked for many of us and thats real!!!

Do I go back to this addicts group? I hated it, but...

no!! cuz I’m addicted to ur web presence bro!

You’re LUCAS! We need you! Don’t get better lol

Our addict counselor is the absolute worst lol why do we

come back. Something works though. U can see it in others.

@lucasthegr81 come get weird help.

The legend continues. Pretty girl is even prettier when she smiles. PIAS works??

How do you feel?

Funny tweeter @hashtagoverton is off

the grid... torture. :( He’d have a funnier way to tweet that... #sadface

omg dramaa 24/7 in social media therapy group.

winter’s best new show to hate-watch...

@lucasthegr81 I’m sorry for

being an asshole. #offtopic #sorryfollowers #unfollowifyoudlike #silenceisabitch

@lucasthegr81 its been 20 min since

@hashtagoverton wrote you. In addict time that’s like a week... say something. #silenceisabitch

@nikkirleelala @hashtagoverton See you next session.
@lucasthegr81 He returns! Taking credit. People

come together at PIAS. @DavidPoundsPIAS #befriendthebitch