The Pounds Internet Addiction Society explodes onto the unlicensed therapy scene when owner and head therapist David Pounds posts an intriguing video to YouTube. As PIAS inducts its first patients—five addicts all struggling with their real-world relationships—it also catches the interest of local filmmaker Danika Bailey-Wright, who signs on to document the group.

An episode of CU consists of multiple videos, images, and text posted by the characters. Watch and explore from top to bottom in the timeline below. Click any social icon to see the post in a character’s online profile.

Stop liking, start living

So you used to be an addict

Live-Vining recovery

At Abingdon Square Park Farmer’s Market. Just

complimented a guy’s boots. He half smiled. #snarkiseasier

I have joined an Internet

addiction recovery group. This is misery. I feel the need to recover from this recovery group. Any good active pickup forums?

Lucas! You are not an internet addict—you are a king!

Why thank you Richard. I happen to agree. My family doesn’t though.

Please don’t leave the pickup boards.. you’re a legend.

I’m not going anywhere. Just a diet.

If you stop on the boards I’ll be back to being a scrub. I never believed in the pickup until you.

What forum is active right now?

The Blue Room at PickupMasters.


What's the deal with all the socks and sandals today?

#itswinter #brooklynisblind #parentsdontcare

You can tweet that

Link to payment policy and legal agreements:


Forum Post:
Seeking New Apprentice

I am looking to take on a new apprentice. I will coach you through your pickups: 3 weekly phone check-ins, weekly curriculum and consistent email communication. 2 weeks for $525.

Chat Board:
Anyone want to trade

I can’t afford, but would trade for one of your dragon sticks?

I will trade.

Okay, have to run but will write you in a couple hours to set up.

No, it has to be now.

Can you wait a few minutes then?

No. Anyone else want to do trading now? Or just chatting?

One new spot available for group! Will go quick!

Tweet me now! $10 discount for retweet of my commercial:

@lucasthegr81 We miss you. Come back. It’s okay.

What do you do when you make someone feel awful

by being real? #apologize or #realisbeautiful

It's gotta be you

Still AWK

OMG. Live pic from my tech addiction class.

Need help. #fromwhothough
@lucasthegr81 i think it’s gotta be you.
@DavidPoundsPIAS ... I know.
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