David Pounds Unlicensed Therapist

David is the owner and head therapist of the Pounds Internet Addiction Society. With his own "unique" tactics in mind, he guides his clients away from their devices and into the real world. David's real world consists of self-proclaimed comparisons to the likes of Ghandi, MLK and Neils Bohr. David's core belief seems to be that every moment is an advertisement for yourself.

Danika Bailey-Wright Documentary Filmmaker

Danika is an up-and-coming, young documentary filmmaker. Seeking an opportunity to delve into the little-explored world of Internet and social media addiction, Danika discovered PIAS, the therapy group run by David Pounds. Upon arrival, she was immediately baffled by what she saw, and decided that this documentary would be unlike anything she could have ever planned.

Beth Brady Web Developer

Beth calls herself an "aspirational starter-upper" but makes her money in web design. She also calls herself a "serial swiper" because of her Tinder addiction, spending sometimes upwards of 4 hours a day swiping and chatting with men she meets on the dating app. What Beth is very slow to reveal is that she has never met any of her matches, nor does she never intend to.

Michael C. OvertonFashion Guru

Michael is a fashion blogger and Twitter addict with a sense of snark to cut through anyone's terrible fashion choices. As anyone who meets Michael will come to know, he was once retweeted by Jean Paul Gaultier, and he hopes you know it. While Michael's aware he has a problem, and while the desire to get better may be there, the desire to get retweeted may just be a little bit stronger.

Kyra Neiderworder Video Game Tester

Some days Kyra may actually spend more of her waking life as her online gaming avatar than as herself. In the real world Kyra finds herself stunted with undeveloped social skills and the inability to maintain eye contact. But in the world of Realms of the Queen, most avatars wouldn't even dare look her into her steely blue digital eyes.

Nikki R. Lee Advertising Assistant

Nikki does not remember life before Instagram. Nor does she want to. Nikki's passion for tweeting, snapping, vining and posting has completely consumed her life to the point she has palpitations if her phone isn't within reach. Counseling may be problematic because Nikki has acted on the threat before of "take my phone I cut you."

Lucas Bilner Pickup Artist

Technically speaking Lucas is one of the foremost pickup artists in the online community. He commands a great deal of respect from younger, aspiring pickup artists looking to improve their "game." The truth is that Lucas has no game, and spends much of his time online escaping his own social phobias.